Interview with Julie on the Rocks


Last December I had the privilege to fly back home to Los Angles to collaborate on a new film for producers Dimitri Voutsinos, Mike Voutsinos and Juliana Provatakis - the host of a new series “Julie on the Rocks” in which she trades stories with fellow artists who have made the leap into the film industry.

While taking a break from filming our upcoming collaboration AXIOM (Coming Soon) we had time for a little chat and some California Pinot Noir.


Topic of Conversation

0:47 - Creative realization

2:20 - School & Education

5:30 - Optioning a screenplay and Who you know

8:25 - Thoughts on film school

9:40 - Doing your own projects

12:35 - Crowd sourcing & Crowd funding

14:47 - England & Building a network from scratch

16:40 - Running a Film Festival

23:41 - Film Festival advice

29:46 - The Oscars Story (breaking into)

46:22 - Distribution

50:32 - Producing & networking in the UK

55:04 - More Film Festival talk & closing notes/advice

1:00:25 - The worst thing you can do as a filmmaker

Host: Juliana Provatakis - @juliana_provata

Producer/Show Runner: Nate Lyles - @lylesnate

Original Theme Music by: Vas Provatakis - @vasprovatakisofficial

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Niralee Patel