Without Regret

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A young man, Ezra, is blindsided on his way to work when he spots an alluring hitchhiker with dark beautiful eyes. It's love-at-first-sight, at least for him, but it's an attraction not acted upon. Now it's a nagging memory. After a life defined by safe choices, Ezra is still haunted decades later by this missed opportunity for passion. But why obsess over a stranger?


Avery Road


An anti-abortion activist's world is shattered by the unplanned pregnancy of his teenage daughter. Avery Idaho is plagued by polarized politics that turn neighbor against neighbor, friend against friend, and split families. Good intentions go awry when characters fail to see life through each others eyes, choosing instead to only focus on differences rather than their commonalities.


First produced as a live stage show in the Denver, CO regional theatre scene, Happy Hour Sketch Comedy: The Webseries was founded in 2010 after I moved to LA. Working with a rotating cast and crew of nearly 100, and with over 50 sketches written, produced & directed over 4 seasons, the Happy Hour years remain one of my biggest growth periods as a visual storyteller. Happy Hour was also a landmark as it marked my first successful crowdsourcing campaign.



The Dark Woody Rises

What if Christopher Nolan was fired from The Dark Knight franchise and replaced by Woody Allen? With jazz and neurosis, this mockumentary answers that very question.


Dodge the Bullet: Or Things You Didn’t Know About Your Girlfriend

Due to the high rate of divorce, the government has introduced a rigorous process for anyone considering marriage, including interviewing past lovers to air all your dirty laundry in front of your fiancé. This couple is about to learn more about each other’s past then they ever cared to know.


El Gringo Contador Del Winnebago


In the not too distant dystopian future, the American economy has collapsed. Now, struggling white-collar workers illegally cross the border to gain under-the-table employment in Mexico.




In addition to my narrative and documentary work, I’ve created branded content for a variety of companies. Below are highlights, including footage shot with Under Armor and corporate wellness company FXWell.




While my primary focus is writing and directing, I’ve collaborated on a variety of projects with several amazing independent filmmakers. Below is a selection of films that I’ve either acted in, produced or been the director of photography on.


HIGH: The Series - Producer

HYSPERIA - Actor/Screenwriter

AXIOM (2019) - Cinematography COMING SOON

AXIOM (2019) - Cinematography COMING SOON



I was fortunate enough to study filmmaking from the age of 12 at The Lewis Center - a California Charter school. Below is a collection of passion projects and class assignments showing my formative years as I work out the kinks in finding my voice as an artist. Rather than hide my early rough work, I leave it here as a message to others - pick up a camera and make a film. The only way you’ll get better is with practice.



WINNER: Best Under 18 Film (Shriekfest, LA 2006)

WINNER: Superior (Colorado High School Student Film Festival 2007)

A car repossessor drives into rural California on assignment. Little does he know that he’s being lured by a psychopath who defaulted on his payments on purpose to attract his next victim.


The Modern Marvel of Flight

WINNER: Best Director (High Desert Student Film Festival 2003)

While many classmates chose to muse upon the likes of Charlie Chaplin and Buster Keaton for this Silent Film class assignment, I instead chose to homage Georges Méliès.


Welcome To Pleasant Acres

WINNER: Best Cinematography (High Desert Student Film Festival 2003)

WINNER: Best Editing (High Desert Student Film Festival 2003)

In this Twilight Zone inspired short film, a mysterious man with a devious past purchases his dream house, but little does he know that his past sins are about to catch up with him.


Official Selection Big Bear Lake International Film Festival 2012