It's Nora's 70th birthday. She's not the same woman she used to be. In her hayday she was a pillar of the community. Her mission in life was to serve others. "I'm in the business of helping people. Not in the business of getting rich." But now that she's getting a bit old, a bit frail, it's Nora that's in need of help.

Can her bickering family settle their petty differences and throw a celebration befitting the woman of the hour or will she be sent to private home?

This disruptive fictional documentary commemorates the 70th birthday of the NHS by personifying the NHS in the character of Nora.

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Avery Road

WINNER: BEST Short Drama (CFIFF 2018)

Like so many American towns, Avery Idaho is a place plagued by polarized politics that turn neighbor against neighbor, friend against friend, and split families. Good intentions go awry when characters fail to see life through each others eyes, choosing instead to only focus on differences rather than their commonalities.

This short film dives headlong into the gray area of polarizing topics: abortion, gun control and their mutual goal to save lives.


Without Regret

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A young man, Ezra, is blindsided on his way to work when he spots an alluring hitchhiker with dark beautiful eyes. It's love-at-first-sight, at least for him, but it's an attraction not acted upon. Now it's a nagging memory. After a life defined by safe choices, Ezra is still haunted decades later by this missed opportunity for passion. But why obsess over a stranger?


Blake Byers Brought A Cigarette To Gun Fight


When Blake Byers walked into a convenient store in Glendale, CA to buy a pack of cigarettes, little did he know the price he'd pay. Upon exiting, he lit one up as a man in an unmarked car beckoned him over. Dressed in civilian clothes and with his hand resting on a rifle, the driver of the vehicle informed Blake that it was illegal to smoke. Intimidated by the man, Blake immediately put out his cigarette, but it was already too late. The man exited the car, slammed Blake to the ground. 

In a matter of seconds police were rushing to the scene. Blake called for their help, but they weren't coming to save him. Instead they were coming to help arrest him.


Arm Candy

Short comedy - in post-production

Modern romance. What the fuck?!

Jackson has the girl, or is it the other way around? Indeed Jackson feels like he's floating through a fragile relationship, where any expression of his true feelings might risk a heartbreak.

But wouldn't it be better to feel heartbreak than to feel nothing at all?